ICE Adventure Helping Handles

ICE Adventure Helping Handles

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ICE Adventure Helping Handles offer the extra assistance you may need to get on and off your trike by giving secure leverage for a smooth recline and easier rise.

The Adventure Helping Handles clamp firmly onto to the cross-axle of your ICE trike (Adventure & Adventure HD Only) without interfering with the steering or ride; once fitted they do not need to be removed. Made from lightweight anodised aluminium with laser etched detailing, Helping Handles look stylish as well as being practical and convenient. Adventure and Adventure HD only.

-400 grams

- Reduce rotating mass without any sacrifices Impressively Stiff

- All your energy goes into every pedal stroke Single Radius Crank Profile

- Allows chainring, front derailleur

, chainstay, and ankle clearance while increasing strength and stiffness Tapered Crank Arms

- Put the strength where it is needed and reduces weight Replaceable / Interchangeable Spider

- When the industry changes, or you change your chainring pattern, you don't have to replace your cranks No Creaking

- Design eliminates the creaking associated with three piece cranks Low Profile Bottom Bracket Spindle

- Increases stiffness and reduces weight by using a shorter spindle

- 103mm spindle for road bikes

- 107mm spindle for mountain bikes

- 103 to 107mm spindle for tandem captain cranks (you can go wider if you like)

- 107 to 113mm spindle for tandem stoker cranks Lengths Available - 150mm -160mm - 165mm - 167.5mm - 170mm - 172.5mm - 175mm - 180mm or Triple Hole Child/Full-Size-Person Cranks available in 2 sizes: 130/150/170 OR 120/140/160 Spiders Available

- Four Arm 104mm - 64mm

- Standard 110mm - 74mm

- Road 130mm (with 74mm triple option)