Angletech Socks

Angletech Socks

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Angletech "Cycle Different" socks. Highest quality available.

Dupont CoolMax CoreSpun fibers are spun around Lycra to create a single yarn, so our socks provide:

• Unsurpassed Moisture Management

• Blister Protection

• Low Pilling

• Abrasion Resistance

• Best Elastic Support Available

• Extra Smooth, Looped-Toe

CoolMax CoreSpun fibers wick moisture away from the foot to allow fast evaporation, while providing an excellent defense against blisters. We put the CoolMax on the inside of the sock where it belongs and the nylon on the outside to provide lasting durability. The cuff uses Lycra to offer a truly gentle, supportive ankle band.

Black w/ White, Grey, and Red accent.