HP Ergomesh Premium Seat

HP Ergomesh Premium Seat

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Unique in comfort and function

The seat is the business card of a recumbent: With the world premier ErgoMesh Premium from the recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik presents a superlative seat for 2022

The core of HP Velotechnik’s seat innovation is the Seat-O-Flex technology. This swivel joint in the extremely complex 3D-shaped frame provides unprecedented flexibility: for the first time, the angles of the seat and backrest of a mesh seat can be changed independently of each other. The rider can optimally adjust the ergonomically shaped fabric surfaces with their highly breathable and at the same time comfortable upholstery according to their wishes. Sit comfortably upright to enjoy the panoramic view, or accelerate with the aerodynamically favourable flat position. The ErgoMesh Premium answers the question of riding philosophy that other designs have with three quick releases that fix the seat in the desired position.


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